In an interview on 1Xtra’s Twin B Breakfast Show, Dizzee Rascal spoke out about his relationship with Wiley.

When asked about his feelings regarding other MCs in the business, Dizzee responded:

I want to put it out there openly, I haven’t got an issue with anyone… Even the people that people think I do.

My problem is I don’t always speak out. Even when people are saying loads, I don’t always react and say anything.

Twin B then realised the obvious and asked if Dizzee was talking about Wiley, who’s had a few Twitter rants regarding the Boy In Da Corner artist in the past:

Everyone’s got bits and bobs of the story. I can’t be bothered to keep correcting things.

He then started addressing his history with Wiley, saying:

[DJ] Target cared about me, early. Wiley never cared about me, early.

Wiley eventually got me involved in the Roll Deep thing after I built a little name for myself. And it worked. We got on really well. I looked up to Wiley, I looked up to Target.

As far as all that, I’ve actually not known Wiley longer than I’ve known him.


I’ve seen Wiley maybe once in about seven years since back in the day. So aside from the initial things that sparked me leaving… There’s no problem.

I saw him six years ago at Rinse FM, we were just like, “Cool, my brother?” and that was that.

Twin B then asked if there was ever a chance of the two collaborating seeing as Wiley has reached out to do so a number of times via Twitter. Dizzee replied:

You want me to be real?

That’s all great but the next minute when he’s not feeling me and has another rant, that’s when everyone will take sides.

I hear things… He wants to work and all that, that’s cool. But all I’ve ever done is got on with things. Everyone thinks I should do something, but it doesn’t mean I should.

Twin B pressed Dizzee for an answer, telling him that a collaboration between him and Wiley would be culturally important but Dizzee was having none of it.

For me? For me? For me? For me? I don’t know.

Ahh. So, there’s Dizzee’s answer. He’s just living his life! Which might be a good thing seeing as Wiley recently said he’d never work with Dizzee again.

I  have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear of this though…