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We got a chance to catch up with UK rapper Dot Rotten (who was lovely and had lots to say) after his performance at Streetfest 2013 with Sas Killa & DJ Cameo. He talked to us about his first studio album Voices In My Head which dropped the following day, 6 May.

He told us:

I’m not as excited for my first studio album as most artists would be. Simply due to the fact that it’s been finished for two years already!

I have recorded two or three albums now, so it’s not that exciting.

There are no features on my first album except for two singers; Lolo Ellis and Cherise Roberts (from Big Brovaz and Booty Luv) who are very talented. I also worked with some very good producers on it.

As I continued to ask a series of questions, Dot cheekily asked me, “Do you want the media answer or the real answer?”. And us at Pappzd like to keep it real so I told him, “Real, please” (of course).

He stated that his main priority right now is to make better music with talented artists and be in a non-fickle environment.

Can we say throwing shade?

I then went on to ask him what we could expect from him in the future and he said:

I have my team ‘Minarmy’ (music inspiration network army), that I am focusing on, with a bunch of producers, artists and the like.

I also recently dropped Mercury Records as a label and moved to Virgin/EMI.

I’ve already chosen the name for my second album as well. I’m going to call it: The Official First Album.

That says a lot!

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To wrap up, Dot let us in on his love life and let slip that there is a ONE special woman in his life who is NOT in the industry and that was the best way to keep it.

I then bumped into Sas Killa (who performed with Dot Rotten on the day) and had a quick chat with him, and he confirmed that there would be a collaboration album with Dot Rotten and also told me to expect future projects from him.

streetfest 2013-076

We will!