Talking to Billboard, Ed Sheeran has suggested that his second album will be more “beat-heavy” and Hip-Hop-like”.

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter’s debut album + drifted between the genres of pop and acoustic with some influences in Hip-Hop in the flow of his songs.

Ed told Billboard:

I’m probably about 40 tracks into the next album, and I’ll pick 14 from that.

I’m trying to write as many songs as possible; there are times I’ve been prolific and times I’ve not been prolific at all, but I just keep pushing. I think you just have to unclog the pipes and write as many songs as possible.

It’s definitely leaning towards more of a beat-heavy thing, definitely more hip-hop-like.

I think I’ve evolved a bit more since I made the first record, which I think is a healthy thing.

Ed definitely has hints of urban music in his sound, so it will be interesting to hear the outcome on his follow-up album and if it’ll be as successful as his first.