38-year-old model Denise Whylie has been accused of using stolen credit card details to pay for complicated toe surgery, the Blackfriars Crown Court heard today.

The £5,000 surgery was booked by Whylie under fake name Denise Stephens to correct her Mallet toe deformity – a condition where the second and third toes are significantly longer than the big toe.


Denise was meant to pay a fee of £120 for her consultation but left Harley Street Surgery claiming that her father would pay for it. A week later, a man claiming to be Denise’s uncle rang up the Harley Street surgery, trying five different credit cards to pay for the surgery with payments being declined and only the last two cards being successful.

Only six days later was it discovered that the cards used to pay for the procedure were stolen after the surgery was contacted by the credit card companies, but Whylie had already undergone surgery. She also failed to attend any of her follow-up appointments prompting the clinic to contact police.

Prosecuter John Traversi told the court:

It is a strange case of fraud because of the nature of what it was the prosecution say was obtained.

It was a service, and the service in this particular case was a surgical procedure on the defendant’s feet and toes, and the case is how that was paid for, or as the prosecution would advance, not paid for.

What happened was that a lady calling herself Denise Stephens, and there is no issue that it was actually the defendant Denise Whylie, called the surgery to make an appointment regarding surgery.

She saw a surgeon there who noted that she had excessively long second and third toes on each foot, and he explained to her what could be done, and the procedure that needed to be applied.

Brentford resident Whylie, who also claims to be an actress, denies conspiracy to commit fraud and fraud by false representation.

The trial continues.