Tuesday night was the first night of A$AP Rocky’s UK tour and it kicked off at London’s Brixton 02 Academy.

After being treated to some Hip-Hop music courtesy of A$AP’s DJs, the man himself approached the stage at about 9.30pm along with some of his A$AP Mob.

Wearing an all white Pyrex shorts and sweater combo, he thanked everyone for coming out and told the crowd that we were not at the Academy to watch him perform but instead we were there to party with him.


Telling the crowd, “I want to see girls’ boobies, I want to see people crowd-surfing, I want to see people smoking weed…” he began his concert.

In between telling the audience how much he loved London, A$AP kept the crowd hyped with performances from his Live. Love. A$AP mixtape and Long. Live. A$AP album, including Goldie, Purple Swag, Palace, Wassup and Fucking Problems.

A$AP kept up the lively atmosphere by crowd surfing and stepping into the audience to give an up close and personal performance.


At one point A$AP, asked for eight girls from the crowd to join him on stage. After trying to find the perfect girls for a few minutes, members of the audience started to get restless and booed the rapper.


He finally found his eight girls, pulled them up on stage and asked them to twerk for him. After practically begging to be invited up on stage all but one of the girls developed sudden stage fright so A$AP kicked them off stage saying, “Get off the stage, you disgust me. Is this the best London has to offer?”

Even more awkward.

After a little more than an hour on stage, A$AP invited members of the crowd to dance with him on stage before thanking everyone for coming out and ending the show.

Overall, the gig was nothing unexpected in terms of your usual Hip-Hop gig. Although his set felt a little short, any fan who does attend will not be disappointed.

A$AP’s UK tour will continue until the end of May.