Miss Lola Rae

On Sunday 28 April, the Destination Africa Concert took place at the Coronet in Elephant and Castle in south east London. Things didn’t start off very well as it started around 8pm instead of 6pm.


Bayoz Muzik

The show didn’t seem too exciting at the start and didn’t have a lot of people in the crowd either; Bayoz Muzik was on the decks playing all sorts of Afrobeats music to keep the crowd entertained but somehow the audience were still not in the vibe to lighten up.

But then a magic happened; the crowd grew a bit bigger and legendary Afrobeats and Choice FM DJ, Abrantee, finally appeared on stage to host and lightening up the atmosphere of the crowd. He entertained everyone by shouting out “Who’s from Ghana?” or “Who’s from Nigeria?”  in an African accent.

He also performed a short Azonto dance freestyle which left the crowd happy for a while.

Before the show started, I managed to talk to DJ Abrantee backstage asking him how he felt about hosting the show and which performance he was looking forward to see on stage on the night. He said:

 I’m really excited to be here. I’m excited to see everybody really, especially the UK acts it’s good to see them doing their thing.

Finally, the concert kicked off. Let me start off by talking about Mr Silva’s performance. I may have not seen his performance in full, but I managed to get a little glimpse of it.


Mista Silva and his crew

The crowd started buzzing as soon as Mista Silva appeared on stage and he performed one of his hit singles Boom Boom Tah which got the crowd singing along with him. After his performance I managed to catch him backstage to ask him how he felt performing on stage for Destination Africa; his reaction was:

It’s good, there’s been loads of progress and it felt proper good performing tonight. I came and I got the chance to perform some of my songs, it felt good.

After the performance by Mista Silva, one of the biggest UK Afrobeats group Weray Ent performed, doing a wonderful job on stage. They performed Ching Chang Wallah featuring UK Afrobeats artists such as Skob who also appeared on the night. Then they performed their recent single Masquerade which made the crowd go crazy.

The next act to perform on stage was MoeLogo.

MoeLogo, who creates his flow with a mix of pidgin English and Yoruba, has been recently creating massive waves here in the UK. On the night he performed his Davido – Dami Duro remix, Indomie and his latest single Pangolo. He also had some of the ladies from Unique Silva dancers as his backup dancers to spice things up on the stage.


Unique Silver Dancers

Then the beautiful Unique Silva dancers performed a fabulous dance wearing very sexy outfits, which am sure left all the guys in the audience excited.

Another act came on stage called DRB Lasgidi, a male group of three talented guys. As well as dancing, they performed three of their songs Toyin, Selecta and their most recent single Shakara.

Then, DJ Abrantee reappeared to keep the audience entertained whilst they waited for Miss Lola Rae to come and perform.


Miss Lola Rae

Miss Lola Rae came out dressed in a gold outfit looking like an absolute DIVA! Her performance was one of the highlights of the night as she performed her latest single Watch My Ting Go. She also had some fit male backing dancers, who left the ladies in the audience buzzing.

Shortly after this performance, Britain’s Got Talent’s CEO Dancers came to the stage dressed in bright red outfits to show what they do best. Unfortunately, their performance was cut short so that other main acts could perform due to the venue shutting at 11pm.

I also tried to get an interview with the CEO girls, who were ready to talk to me before quickly realising that they couldn’t due to restrictions within a contract they signed with Britain’s Got Talent.

Boo, Simon!

Ajebutter, who is famously known for his hit single Omo Pastor, made a quick appearance on stage performing that very song alongside BOJ from DRB Lasgidi.

Then at last, headline act Wande Coal came on the stage with his classic track Bumper To Bumper, then wowed the crowd with his new hit single featuring Don Jazzy – The Kick.

Overall, the show was okay – I would rate it a five out of 10 due to certain issues that occurred.

Unfortunately, some acts never got the chance to perform on stage due to the late start and regulation rules of the venue’s closing time; security guards and the venue manager blocked off certain areas stopping people from reentering the venue, and they later kicked everyone out because of the venue closing time.

Also, a group of female dancers who were due to perform were left gutted once they got told by one of the security guards that they couldn’t perform anymore because the show was closing. I could see the pain in the girls’ and manager’s eyes once the news was broken to them; what a pity.

Destination Africa could have been better if they had the show on a for bit longer (or started on time) meaning they wouldn’t have had to cut some performances short. I do hope the organisers of the event look into this and improve for next time, other than that the performers were great, well done to them all.