Product: Malory Band – £39.95 (rrp)
The Malory Band is a weight loss tool created by Penny Mallory and based on a concept used by ancient Egyptians, Americans and Indians.
It is simply am adjustable length of cord with a silver button attached to the end to close the band. The concept behind is it that it is something like an external gastric band; you tie the band around your waist at a tightness that allows you to know when you’ve had too much to eat and therefore control your daily intake.
It is easy to wear the Malory Band and go on with your daily activities as being a cord, it isn’t a massively noticeable thing. What I realised after wearing it for a few days is:
  • It dries quickly after a shower so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable under clothes
  • It’s comfortable to wear
  • It’s more of an self motivator to lose weight healthy over a period of time than a quick fix or fad diet
  • Not visible under clothing – except bodycon dresses!
  • You can do everyday activities as normal, but you are constantly aware of the band – which is how it works
  • You can do vigorous exercises with the band if you are already on your weight loss/get fit journey to keep the weight off

Also, for people losing weight from scratch with the band, gentle exercises are better such as hula hooping, yoga, abdominal classes and jogging.


It’s easy for us all to swear that we won’t have another cake/biscuit/burger (delete where necessary), but let’s face it, not all of us are up for calorie counting but we still need that little reminder that enough is enough.


So without being too much of a drastic measure, the Malory Band let’s you know when you’re nearing your limits as it gets tighter the more you eat (and develop a food baby).

It comes in five different sizes and doesn’t stretch or break and is comfortable whilst remaining effective. It’s quite expensive at £39.95, but clearly it’s durable and overall it’ll cost less than a gym membership. So if it works then I guess it’s worth it and it’s getting you one step closer to that summer body!

Verdict: 7 ½ /10