It recently came out that Rihanna was planning to sue British retailer Topshop for unlawfully using her images on some of their clothing. Now, The Mirror reports that according to High Court papers, Rihanna wasn’t happy with the particular picture that the clothing store used.

The base image of the first claimant [Rihanna] is of such an unflattering nature that it would not be approved.

The shirts – which bore the image of Rihanna with her hair in a bandana – were also branded “poor” quality.

They are described as having a “low-quality image and product that would not have been authorised by the first claimant.”

So, her problem isn’t that they used her image without her permission, it’s that she thinks it’s a bad picture.


Rihanna has already spent $1million on the lawsuit and despite reportedly suing for £3million, she is pursuing the case out of pure principle.