Uh oh, seems like bad gal RiRi is about to brag about her money a little bit more as the singer is in the process of suing popular fashion retailer Topshop for selling shirts with her face on them, without any consent from Rihanna herself.

Rihanna is hoping to pocket a nice £3million after her team had tried to negotiate with Topshop owners for eight months for the rights to the image but were unsuccessful in doing so.

An insider told the New York Post that Rihanna’s management told Topshop to stop selling the image and they had replied that they will continue to do so.

The insider went on to say:

They buy the pictures from a photographer, but they do not pay the artist licensing fees. Unfortunately, UK law does not protect the artist.

Rihanna has hired international law firm Reed Smith to file the lawsuit in London, as the shirts are only being sold in the UK and the photographer who sold the image to Topshop owns the rights to it in the UK.


Even though the UK law does not protect the artist, RiRi has decided to move forward and continue to sue the retailer, so I guess she knows what she’s doing.

Topshop have yet to release a statement regarding the case, but an insider for Topshop have said:

The amount of damages sought has not been articulated anywhere in the claimant’s document.

£3million is lot of money! I wonder if this is the case with other artists, because I’m sure most of us have popped into River Island, Topshop or even Primark and seen artists faces splashed all over apparel, however it seems like Rihanna won’t stand for it.

We’ll see how this plays out, *plays Pour It Up*