In an interview with We Love Pop, the Stooshe girls revealed that whilst supporting Nicki Minaj on tour in October, there were a number of rules that they had to abide to.

One of the rapper’s diva rules stated that the girls could not be in the corridor whenever Nicki was walking down it.


Alexandra told We Love Pop:

We supported Nicki Minaj on tour and she has her rules. Like, you’re not allowed to be in the same corridor as her when she’s walking down it.

We were outside and then security said, ‘You can’t go in as Nicki Minaj is walking down there’. We just had to wait in the cold.


Stooshe were finally allowed near Nicki for a picture to be taken

Courtney went on to add:

I think we had one conversation. The rest of the time we couldn’t get near her.

The whole place went into lockdown when she was due on stage and we couldn’t even leave our dressing room!

I’m starting to really like these girls. After revealing that they didn’t like their cover of Waterfalls, it seems they aren’t shy to hold back on anything.