Tired of trying ridiculous workouts that produce no results? Well, we have the top five workouts to help you get in shape this summer. So fear not these workouts will have you prepared to show off that bikini body on your holiday this year.

1. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – Push yourself to the limit with these exercise routines to tone those troublesome areas. Consist in intense workouts in half the time. You alternate between vigorous short bouts of exercise and recovery exercise. Insanity workouts and the 30 Day Shred are popular examples of HIIT workouts.


2. Boot Camp – Military-inspired boot camp programs are popping up across the country. They usually run for a month and all you have to do is bring a mat, hand weights and an exercise band. Boot camps’ focus is on using natural terrain to conduct an intense exercise routine.


3. Sh’BAM – Move over Zumba, this 45 minute dance workout incorporates hip-hop, Latin and pop dance routines for a fun and high energy exercise session.


4. Hot Bikram Yoga – Can you stand the heat? A combination of yoga exercise carried out in a room heated above 43 Celsius makes for a sweltering yet effective workout.

5. Zumba – This salsa-inspired dance workout to South American beats helps to quickly shed the pounds in a fun and interactive class.

With all these workouts there’s no need to complain about being shy on the beach! So, drop down and give me 20!