Samson is the brand new deliverance from London songstress VV Brown which is due for a 14 July release.

The video consists of ghastly, filmic scenes and highlights the biblical fable of Samson and Delilah with a modern twist.


We gawk at the long-haired man representing Samson as his beautiful and desirable ‘Delilah’ who uses seduction and deception (in a remorseless way) to unveil the hidden secrets about his strengths.


There is a reoccurring theme of strength which is pertinent throughout and is thought provoking.

During an interview with Mistajam on 1xtra, VV unveiled that she was actually reading the Bible and fell in love with the idea of Samson losing his strength.


She also highlighted that the album is a balance of being strong and also being weak. She vowed:

Its been a long time since I made music and I was kind of nervous and had a sense of vulnerability…I think that this record is about me trying to gain my strength back and come back with this new sound.

The song which will be featured on Brown’s hotly-anticipated album Samson & Delilah is set to be released under her own label YOY in September.

It has a dark, electro backdrop that works impeccably with Brown’s distressed yet refined vocals.

Frontman of The Invisible, Dave Okumu is the mastermind behind the production of the track which will also be featured on Brown’s album. He is also renowned for being the genius behind Jessie Ware’s debut album, Devotion.


He adds a personal touch to the track which really adds to the sky-high level of musicality.

Mistajam hailed Miss Brown as the ‘public transport’ of the music world using the common ideology of one having to wait for months and months for something to come then boom…two come along in quick succession (refering to Bullet and Samson)… we guess he has a very good point- the track is awesome!

Check out the brand new video below: