Big Brother contestant and tattooed glamour model has reportedly been having a go at Tulisa on the reality TV show.

In a late night rant, the 26-year-old said:

I know Tulisa. She gives the worst blow jobs.

Sallie said Tulisa was “crap in bed” – how does she know that? – then went on to make fun of Tulisa and Mike GLC’s recent arrests on suspicion of supplying cocaine.

Apparently, the two girls don’t get on since a Marbella holiday where Tulisa made a comment about Sallie licking a friend’s armpit. (Well, that is pretty gross.)

However, Sallie isn’t the ex-friend who was reportedly ready to expose Tulisa’s secrets in the Big Brother house… It’s boxer contestant Daley. So that’s make two people who are out to get Tulisa.


Big Brother contestant Daley

I wonder what else will be revealed then…