It’s a story we all know too well; a young boy living in inner city London, brought up by a single mother and eventually becoming a ‘prisoner to the streets’.

The latest story to arise bearing these familiar themes however, is not in the usual form of a film or TV series, but has in fact been put on paper and is the true life story of Robyn Travis.


Robyn captivates you instantly both as an author and character.

Starting with his nursery days, we are taken back and forth on the journey of his life so far.

This non-chronological structure along with letters showing the points of view of people in his life makes the book an exceptional example of just how complex London’s gang violence and postcode wars are.


[blockquote]I remembered how the tree of us used to play an arcade game called Street Fighter in a kebab shop on Seven Sisters Road. Other kids from around that part of Tottenham would also go there to play coz the game was so popular. And now we were street fighters. For real.[/blockquote]

The use of slang throughout the book may be criticised by some, but without this key part of Robyn’s narrative voice, his story wouldn’t ring so true.

With a sold out book launch at Hackney Empire, and heavy support from Chipmunk, Poet, Jamal Edwards and Richard Blackwood to name a few, this refreshing outlook on a story we hear so often will hopefully continue to end up in the hands of all types of people because in the words of Wretch 32, ‘Everyone should read it.’

To buy the book and find out more about Robyn visit the official website.