Over the weekend, it was reported by the Sun that Flava TV presenter Donatella Panayiotou was sending naughty text messages to Coronation star Helen Flanagan’s boyfriend.


The Sun’s story on Donatella

Donatella was reported to send sexts over a 12 day period to Man City footballer Scott Sinclair, causing a break up between him and Helen. However, Donatella claims that she did not sleep with Scott.

Scott Sinclair with Helen Flanagan

But as always, Jammer has felt to have his say on the situation going in on Donatella on Twitter:


He then started to call on everyone to out any skets they knew and shame them so he could create some sort of list:


Jammer’s already done a “butters females” list, what’s to stop him doing a skets one?!

He then explained himself to those who might have thought that he was being a little too harsh.


So… the moral of the story is respect yourself and Jammer will leave you alone.