Following his hit single Castles featuring Little Nikki, L. Marshall has been in high demand and has responded with a new project titled Kiss The Fire.

The singer has been quick to make it known that even though this new project is free, it is not a mixtape.

I recently sat down with the man himself to discuss Kiss The Fire and much more.


Me and L. Marshall

When asked what he would class this project as, he said:

It’s a record. I can’t call it an album because I’m giving it away for free… If I put a price tag on it, it would be an album. So how can I then call it a mixtape just because it’s free? It’s a free album! But there isn’t really a name that.

Whatever it is, it’s not a bloody mixtape!

I think we’ve got that plain and clear L!


Over a period of eight weeks, it is expected that L. Marshall will release a music video every two weeks. The second and latest release is the single At Last which is accompanied by a video showing what I’d like to call “a day in the life of L Marshall.”

At Last is a follow up single from the lyric video for Fire.

The London-born singer passionately discussed his new “record” and it was obvious that he is very much in charge as he stated:

I basically took 10 tracks from my album list and said we’re gonna give them away for free. Which is not good business wise but I’m just like, look, it’s not what it’s about.

As well as being a singer on the front line, Marshall also worked behind the scene to pen hits like Loick Essien’s How We Roll, co-wrote Traktor by Wretch 32 and many more, including the tracks on Kiss The Fire.

When asked about his opinion on singers who don’t write their own songs he immediately replied:

I think they are puppets. That’s not even me being mean. You are literally a puppet!

The singer was not always as charming and focussed as he is now. As an infant, L moved to Brazil with his mother, returning to London when he was nine. However, due to his bad behaviour he was sent to Nigeria to live with his grandmother until he was 18.

He spoke candidly about this and revealed,

I got kicked out of school… I had just been kicked out of one school, and I was only there for a term… and my mum was just like ‘Yeah, I’m sending you to Nigeria’.

I guess some parents really do mean it when they say, ‘I will send you back home!’

With English, Nigerian and Brazilian roots, L. Marshall seemed to side with his Brazilian side when it came to food. However, when asked about women he was not picky or hard to please as he said,

All the above, seriously.

Ladies, we all have a chance with Mr. Marshall it seems!

He did not even shy away from giving a precise attractive rating for Alesha Dixon, Alexandra Burke, Mz Bratt, Tulisa and Cheryl Cole. When asked who the most attractive out of the bunch is, he did not hesitate responding with:

Cheryl Cole! And then Mz Bratt.

Oh… I guess the women who mostly resemble Cheryl Cole and Mz Bratt are in with more of a winning chance.

Kiss The Fire is available for download on 16 June 2013 and fans are already gearing up for the not an album, but not a mixtape, record.