As British urban music becomes increasingly popular, a number of artists have famously switched up their sound to adapt to mainstream culture as some critics would claim.

Widely used examples of this would be Wiley and Dizzee Rascal who have now exchanged their once Grime-y sound to a more radio-friendly one. In this era of popular rap, upcoming rapper Mynature (pronounced “miniature”) has proclaimed to be the saviour of Hip-Hop and its culture,”rap personified.”

An admittedly bold statement from the newcomer!

As fans anticipate the release of his new single Mr Is Rap on 23 June, I recently had a candid discussion with the south-east London artist. Seemingly new to the scene, he introduced himself:

A Hip-Hop artist with knowledge about the game and where it came from. I appreciate Hip-Hop from where Hip-Hop originated from… the fundamental of Hip-Hop, and that’s basically what I represent.”

At the age of 21, a life of crime lead Mynature to prison for six years. This delayed any prospects of his music career at time. When asked how incarceration changed his outlook on life and his music, he said:

There’s life experiences. Everybody has got their own life experiences.

If you just stayed in your house all day long and you never had no TV, talking to you would be boring! If you was the person that, you went Spain, you went Thailand and when you was in Thailand there’s weird experiences… These experiences you can now bring up later on in conversation.

I look at it as a MC; wherever I go, whatever I see, whatever predicament, whether good or bad, whether it almost broke me or broke me, these are situations that I can now bring up later on in conversation.

Music to me is just conversation.

Mynature made it clear that he was more concerned with making credible Hip-Hop music that would put him on the ranks with the genre’s lyrical greats. He also did not hesitate to call himself a lyricist as he said, “I’m articulate.”


Seemingly outspoken and extremely confident with his abilities, when asked whether he is worried about being perceived as egotistical, especially by calling himself, “rap personified” he proudly said:

The background that I’ve come from is like basically everybody claims they are the best. If everybody was just humble, they wouldn’t be Hip-Hop… The competition is what makes the scene.

I doubt anyone would disagree with this statement when it comes to Hip-Hop. At least he hasn’t reached Kanye West levels of calling himself a God.


In terms of his musical inspirations, the rapper stated:

I always liked how Bone Thugs-N-Harmony structured their chorus’ so I could use that as reference. Different artists for different reasons.

Mynature initially started gaining recognition with his Mini-Monday series on YouTube which saw him release a video every week for nine consecutive weeks.

Acquiring thousands of views and acknowledgment from radio DJs such as Shortee Blitz, he is well on his way to becoming one of Britain’s most talked about Hip-Hop artists.

The usually candid rapper however shied away from naming who he thought was a “whack rapper.”

If this was a few years back I would have just blurted it out without even thinking. I don’t want to force my opinion and my make my opinion seem to be fact.

A by-product of being a musician is the popularity that will come with it. When asked about the importance of fame, he responded:

I don’t care about that side.

You’d say I’m a newcomer but as it comes, as making Hip-Hop music, I’ve probably been making Hip-Hop music, like actual Hip-Hop music longer than most of the UK scene that exists today.

That alone tells you that I’m doing it because this is my passion.”

Again, a very bold statement to make!

While on the subject of fame and the music industry, when asked if he would consider dating anyone in the industry, he immediately replied:

I like all the Saturdays! I turned on the TV, I saw them, I said they’re gonna be big. They can’t look like that and not be big.


It is apparent that overall Mynature wants to be acknowledged for his lyrical content more than anything. In his own words he claims:

There’s a lot of lazy MCs… I believe that I take a great deal of thought in how my words slot together.

Whether or not you would place him in the same Hip-Hop class as the likes of J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar, he is certainly creating a substantial buzz for himself!