For those of you who prefer not to go into Primark or who are forever wishing that the low-cost retailer had a website, Primark have now made the move to sell a selection of it’s line through online fashion store ASOS.

Two months ago, Primark stated that they would not be branching out to online retailing with chief executive George Weston claiming that Primark customers liked to go to Oxford Street to do their shopping rather than sitting at home. However, they seem to have had a recent change of heart.

A small trial collection of just 20 women’s items went on sale on the ASOS website yesterday, with the most expensive item being a £22 parka jacket.

This move could see a huge growth in Primark’s sales, opening itself to an international market seeing as the discount fashion store only operates in some European countries. It’s also helpful to those shoppers who prefer not to get caught up in the mess of the typical Primark store, allowing them to see the range online instead.

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