On the Sunday of the second bank holiday in the month of May, Indigo2 was home to Afrobeats Sundays, a night DJ’ed and hosted by Choice FM’s DJ Abrantee with performances from afrobeats artists.

During a night of afrobeats being played (of course) as well as a selection of the most popular songs of the moment, first act Vibesquad took to the stage. Playing a number of their hottest singles, the first act got the crowd hyped as they entertained with a mixture of music and dancing.

They were then followed by May7ven, the Queen of Afrobeats, who performed the single that got her mainstream recognition, Ten Ten.

Speaking to her after her performance, I asked her about what she thought of people’s comparing her to Nicki Minaj, as I also heard murmurs from the crowd that night of people saying they looked alike:

I haven’t styled myself on her. Definitely not Nicki Minaj.

I normally wear white. I used to wear all black, everything jet black. But after my car accident I wanted a change to show a positive side. So I wear all white. And that all came before Nicki Minaj.


She was joined by afrobeats dance crew Project G, who were also dancing for headline act Joey D and D Black. I spoke to them briefly before the performance. Talking about their style of dance and how they got into dancing for African artists, they told me:

We started out doing street dance, but when you think about it, a lot of the roots and flavour that’s in street dance is in African dancing too. We’re trying to fuse afrobeats and street dance together.

afrobeats-sunday-ga-dancersThe headline acts Joey B and D Black then approached the stage, bringing the hit collaborative songs Oh Vera and Strawberry Ginger to the anticipated audience.

afrobeats-sunday-joey-d-d-black2Telling me it was their first time performing in the UK, the Ghana-based artists claimed that the afrobeats scene over here was bigger than it was in Africa:

Here it’s a mixture of all  the African countries. Nigeria, Ghana. But in Ghana it’s just the one place.

D Black then went on to vow that he’d perform in the UK again soon.

And we hope to see you again! Possibly at another Afrobeats Sundays event…?