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Nigeria’s very own prince, Iyanya stormed the UK for his official London album launch concert on 9 June at Indigo2.

UK comedian Eddie Kadi held the show together, with his humourous hosting skills and contagious energy before the Kurere master Iyanya was set to hit the stage.

Eddie Kadi was also helped alongside with DJ Bayo playing all the latest and old school Afrobeats songs whilst Eddie Kadi danced his heart out on stage leaving the audience entertained.

Tonto Dikeh, Nollywood actress who is mainly known for her acting career and speaking her mind, co-hosted the show as well.

By the time she hit the stage there was something awkward about the way she spoke; she was shouting, swaying and tripping over herself whilst DJ Bayo played one of her songs which led her to falling down on stage. She tried to cover it up by turning it into a sexy crawl. This was a disappointment as a lot of her fans were expecting to see a lot from her that night.

Swiftly moving on from Tonto Dikeh’s drunken behaviour, the show properly kicked off as Iyanya stepped on the stage, causing the girls in the audience to go wild.

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Whilst we already know that Iyanya can sing his heart out, the singer gave us an extra surprise by showing us that he can also sing the best of RnB songs too!

Iyanya started the show with song I Got It, from his album Desire. He then sang Badman from the same album which features M.I. His energy on stage was fantastic and the connection he had with band was on point which was evident when he sang tracks Bust My Brain to Jombolo, allowing the audience to see the exclusive music video before stepping on the stage.

After playing some of his hit singles Iyanya rushed to get changed and leaving Nigerian songstress Emma Nyra to take over the stage to keep the audience going.

Although many people didn’t know her songs well or who she was, Emma Nyra ensured she finished her set with everyone knowing exactly who she is and what she is all about.

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At last, the sexy Kurere Master Iyanya was back on stage to perform again. Iyanya held all his songs together on his own with the help of his band and DJ Bayo on the deck. He danced his way around every corner of the stage, whining his waist with the D3 dancers as well as dancing with the Kurere Queen contest winners who came all the way from Sweden.

Iyanya then picked out four lucky ladies from the audience to join him on stage while he serenaded them with song Some More.

The concert was everything that you’d expect musically from one of your favourite sexy male artists; lots of whining and grinding, ladies screaming and pulling his t-shirt whilst he came closer to them.

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Many people in the audience were only there to actually see Iyanya perform their favourite hit singles Kurere, Ur Waist and Flavour which he did sending the whole venue crazy. Even the bartenders were dancing whilst serving drinks and he had gentlemen skanking and whining with girls. Iyanya certainly gave the audience what they really wanted.

Other acts who supported Iyanya on the night were Unique Silva Dancers, Kida Kudz, Chingi, DL, SOP, LAX, D3 Dancers, and Shiikane Group; and overall the show was a 10 out of 10.

We’re sure our competition winner would agree with that!

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Pappzd Competition Winner, Cathy