Brand: Carolyn K London

Product: Raise Your Brows brow kit

Price: £14.99

This product is for perfectly defined eyebrows. Raise Your Brows is a beauty book which will help you achieve an array of flattering brow looks with one kit, and create brows that will change and complete your entire look.

The pigmented and ultra-soft powders are perfect to fill and define your brows everyday. The beauty book contains three shades and a highlighting power to suit any skin tone and hair colour; as well as a professional brow brush for precision.

You can achieve an amazing look along with a little help from Carolyn’s instructions and expert tips which are included in the kit.

With the simplicity and variety of the brow kit, I found that it was a product that would work for anyone, whether you were used to doing your eyebrows or just starting out. It was very easy to use and instructions helped that little bit extra.

I also found that it lasted all day without the need of reapplication… a good thing, because no one wants their eyebrows disappearing throughout the day!

Verdict: 8.5/10