Since her debut album Ora went platinum earlier this year, Rita Ora has been crafting the follow-up project and while she remained tight-lipped on details surrounding her second album, during an interview at this weekend’s Chime for Change gig, she confirmed that she would be returning back to her roots.

Rita also stated that she would have some guest collaborators on the album but said did not reveal any specific names as she wants it to remain a secret for her fans.

She also said in the interview:

It’s going to be something, I think, pop music hasn’t heard for a while.

Interesting stuff, this really has me wondering what Rita is about to do with her second album as a lot of people were left unsatisfied with her first project.

With that being said, she still has room and time to grow so I wouldn’t count her out just yet.

The lead single from the project is set to be released within the coming months with the album to follow, but the question is… Will she be able to get it right this time?