River Island has come under fire for continuing to endorse Rihanna following her recent pictures which show her smoking what is clearly weed whilst in Amsterdam.


The main problem comes from the fact that River Island is being seen as hypocritical because they have donated thousands of pounds to anti-drug charities in the past.

Lucy Dawe, from charity Skunk Sense, commented:

She should be dropped by River Island as she’s a role model to young children but clearly an appalling one.

It is a huge double standard because if River Island were really concerned about the effects of drug use, they wouldn’t be supporting someone who is so blatantly using drugs herself.

River Island donated £10,000 to the Nicolas Mills Foundation in 2008, a charity set up in the name of a man who hung himself after he began taking cannabis and moved onto heroin. The fashion chain donated to another charity in 2011, ReThink, which highlights the dangers of cannabis and mental illness.

It is admittedly a case of double standards: River Island is putting money towards the cause of drug abuse yet design clothes with someone who openly smokes weed… but of course they knew that before they signed the contracts with Rihanna. It’s not like she started smoking weed yesterday.

Anyway it’s unlikely she’ll get dropped because, in the end, it is all about the money.