The Early Years:

Born Tula Paulinea Contostavlos on 13 July 1988 in Camden Town, the singer of Greek decent had a less than fortunate upbringing. At the age of five her mother who suffered from mental health issues was sectioned. Tulisa’s father then left the family when she was just 14-years-old.

The 24-year-old has previously revealed that she tried to commit suicide twice as a teen and would often self-harm as a way to cope with her tumultuous surroundings.

According to Digital Spy, Contostavlos elaborates on her abusive relationship with a boyfriend she had as a teenager which lead her to trying to kill herself:

My mum had loads of pills in her cupboard so I went in there and grabbed a bottle of whatever I could see. I ended up necking a load then becoming really sick, throwing up.

Another time I slashed my wrists and they started bleeding really badly, which panicked me as I realised what I was doing to myself.

As the violent relationship ended, the troubled singer also developed anorexia because of her depression.

With a tremendous amount on her shoulders including bullying from her peers, the singer did not finish her GCSEs.


The Rise:

At young age she joined a band called Likkle Rinsers Crew which was made up of her cousin Dappy and friend Fazer. The band went on to be called NW1 and finally N-DUBZ, signifying the area that they were from.


After a series of unfortunate events, life started to look up for Tulisa as N-Dubz started to gain popularity and gain airplay on Channel U and pirate radio stations, with Channel 4 even featuring all three members of the band on their Dubplate Drama series.

With songs like You Better Not Waste My Time and I Swear, the group quickly gained momentum and a strong following! In 2008  N-Dubz released their first studio album titled Uncle B which went platinum.

At arguably the peak of their career, the album Against All Odds was released and reached number six in the UK album chart. The album also went platinum within a just a period of two months.

With numerous successful singles, documentaries about the group and a book, it’s safe to say Tulisa had made it!

n dubz album next year

In 2010 N-Dubz released their final studio platinum selling album called Love.Live.Life.

It’s at this point Tulisa, Dappy and Fazer decided to go their separate ways. However, all was not lost for Tulisa as a promise of a successful solo career was in the horizon.

Tulisa was announced as a judge for the eighth series of The X Factor on 30 May 2011. She was to share the judging panel alongside Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and Kelly Rowland.

An unlikely turn of events occurred as Tulisa’s group, Little Mix went onto win the show and became the first band to ever win The X Factor title.

The former N-Dubz band member then followed this success by signing up to the ninth series of The X Factor and releasing her first solo album on 17 September 2012. For some reason she thought it would be a good idea to name her album The Female Boss, matching her tattoo that she loved to show off every live X Factor show (and her perfume).



Young was the first single released from The Female Boss and peaked at number one on the singles chart.

After gaining chart success Tulisa did what any singer would do in this position; release an autobiography. Honest: My Story So Far came out on 27 September 2012 and gained The Sunday Times bestseller title.

The Fall:

With much success comes equally as much criticism as Tulisa came to find out.

During her short stint on The X Factor the female boss was under fire from both her fellow judges and the audience. She suffered backlash after accusing contestant Misha B of bullying other competitors. We also all remember Gary Barlow’s “fag ash breath” comment.



It was therefore predictable that  just after two series, Tulisa was dropped from The X Factor judging panel.

The mass public scrutiny and career tumble could be also credited to the sex tape that was released for public viewing on the internet by her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards aka MC Ultra. To add insult to injury she has had a string of highly publicised and unsuccessful relationships, which is enough to make any one embarrassed.

What is arguably Tulisa’s biggest downfall is her split from N-Dubz.

At the height of their career the group parted ways and as Dappy gained success with solo singles such as No Regrets and Rockstar, Tulisa’s solo career went from bad to worse. Her debut solo album peaked at a disappointing number 35 in the official UK album charts while cousin Dappy’s album peaked at number six.

It seems as though it was more than just career relations that had separated the two cousins and former band members. They took to Twitter to feud and it was clear at this point that N-Dubz would not make a return to the music scene any time soon.


Lets face it, we all preferred Tulisa when she was still “the girl in N-Dubz” and it showed as her career sky rocketed. Somewhere along the lines of “The Female Boss” it all went horribly wrong.

Presently Tulisa has been involved in yet another scandal, this time it’s her alleged involvement in supplying class A drugs.

As Tulisa faces more public scrutiny and shame, it begs us to question, is this it for the self-titled Female Boss? Will she ever bounce back from this scandal? Will she ever make good music by herself? Will N-Dubz get back together and save her?

It’s safe to say that Tulisa’s life has not been easy. Her rocky personal life and career could be viewed as due to her turbulent childhood and thus provokes a slight feeling of sympathy for her.

The Predictions:

After all this scandal, I have concluded three main future predictions for Tulisa Contostavlos:

  • Firstly, she will possibly disappear from the entertainment industry for a year or two and then make an unsuccessful solo comeback which will leave her with an occasional seat on a panel show like Never Mind The Buzzcocks.
  • She may, however, reform N-Dubz with her fellow bandmates and come back with a highly successful album.
  • Alternatively, Tulisa will quit the music industry as a whole and look for a new career and hopefully she has saved enough money to keep her going or the next stop will be the jobcentre.

What are your future career predictions for Tulisa?