An old friend of Tulisa’s is rumoured to join this year’s Big Brother house with the main purpose of revealing the 24-year-old’s wild past.

The new housemate, who is a music producer turned sportsman, is said to have known the members of N-Dubz in their teenage years when they were growing up in Camden.

A source told the Daily Star:

Tulisa should be very worried. This guy has known her, Dappy and Fazer for years and used to write music with them when they were all in their teens.

He is very well-placed to know a lot about some of the darker side of Tulisa’s character. This could be massive for her.

I guarantee you Dappy will be watching Big Brother to see this guy as they were so close they even had nicknames for each other.

He is a real way in to understanding what the N-Dubz guys were like when they were younger, and some of it ain’t pretty.

Don’t Big Brother contestants always promise to be “entertaining” and end up being a snooze anyway? And who even watches Big Brother anymore? This contestant might spill all he want but will anyone be listening…?

The new series of Big Brother starts tomorrow on Channel 5 so, guess we’ll find out soon!