Oh dear. It seems Tulisa isn’t coping very well with being at the centre of a class A drugs scandal as it has been reported that the 24-year-old has been suffering a series of panic attacks and breathing difficulties since her arrest last week.

The stress got to Tulisa when her Hertfordshire mansion was raided and her phone and laptop confiscated.

An insider told the Daily Star:

Tulisa went into the ­police station trying to be positive and strong but came out a complete mess, shattered and in shock.

She started struggling to breathe and suffered a minor panic attack.

She knows her career is pretty much in tatters. The realisation of how ­serious it all is hit her. At first she was just in shock but now she’s terrified she won’t come back from this.

She’s been struggling to sleep and has been in floods of tears. Tulisa comes across as tough but deep down she’s quite vulnerable.

The self-named Female Boss has not been publicly seen since The Sun ran the story of her involvement in selling £820 worth of cocaine and it is said that she plans to move from her current home.

However, it hasn’t been a good week for Tulisa overall as news broke that she recently found out that she was duped by false film directors over a number of months, who tricked her into believing she was up for an £8million movie deal.

It just gets worse, doesn’t it?