Alexandra Burke has spoken about her upcoming album and record label changes in a recent interview with That Grape Juice, following the news of her mutual departure from her record label RCA.

The former X Factor winner stated that she no longer wanted to do the pop sound that her previous labels RCA and Syco were pushing her towards:

… It got a point where I knew there was only so much jumping around I could do on stage.

I really wanted to strip it all back and have my music be about my voice. Doing everything I did before came from the heart, but RCA still wanted a lot of the pop stuff, which was great but I remembered the reason I won the X Factor is because I sang my heart out.

She then revealed that she was working with Rico Love and Drake’s producers for her upcoming album and claimed that Kevin Liles, who she recently signed an American record deal with, ‘got her’ as an artist.

Alexandra then described the musical sound her third album would have, saying:

… My voice is soulful so the music will always be passionate and soulful. I’d describe my new sound as a “Whitney Houston meets Coldplay”.

It’s pure, it has influences of pop, soul, RnB, even Hip-Hop- it’s really everything I love. But I’m making sure the focus is on my voice.

Sounds promising. Alexandra spent her time on the X Factor singing songs by Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Jackson 5 only to be sent in the opposite direction and turned into a popstar once she won.

She recently performed in a Chaka Khan tribute show in America alongside Mary J Blige and Deborah Cox so maybe this is the direction she’ll go in to break America?

Alexandra’s third studio album has not got a release date yet.