Everyone goes through those ‘times are hard’ phases, and apparently the rich and famous celebs are not exempt from this.

Even the likes of 50 Cent.

The rapper is said to be in London this weekend to film for home shopping channel QVC, where he’ll be selling his SMS Audio headphones, which cost about £150 a pair.

They may not be as popular as Dr Dre’s Beats by Dre, but is it really that deep to be trying to get rid of them on QVC?

He’s not the first person to have done it however; Alexandra Burke went through a stint on QVC, selling watches. We all know her career has been at a bit of a standstill recently, so maybe this is a sign.

Are all those years of ballin’ finally catching up with Mr 50 Cent?

That being said though, he appeared on QVC America back in November and made £115,000, so maybe he knows what he’s doing.

Not sure if he’ll be able to do a repeat of that over here though, I picture the majority of QVC viewers to be pensioners and middle aged women, so… good luck to him.