Ex Big Brother contestant and Anuvahood star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has revealed that she wishes to have a baby through artificial insemination as it seems the logical thing to do at this point in her life.

The 34-year-old personality, who is currently single, told Now magazine:

I don’t need a man financially. I can do it myself. I’m 34, my biological clock is ticking and I haven’t got forever.

Aisleyne has a rare blood type which makes it difficult for her to carry a baby for a full pregnancy term and has suffered from two miscarriages previously. This means that pairing up with a man who has a particalur blood group might mean she will continue to miscarry, however, the process of a sperm donor will decrease the chances of this happening.

The passing of her mother and uncle who had cancer has made her rethink the priorities in her life:

I thought I was invincible and had forever. It made me realise how fragile life could be and that I wanted to become a mother.

I want that responsibility of looking after someone completely helpless, to bring them up to be decent and give them the best life I possibly can. I want to live for someone other than just myself.

Good on her, she seems like a woman with a good head on her shoulders. I bet she’d make a great mum.