mark duggan

An anonymous letter regarding the gun related to the Mark Duggan case has surfaced, a pre-inquest hearing heard.

Ashley Underwood QC said of the letter:

It makes an allegation about how it was Mark Duggan came by the gun, if indeed Mark Duggan had a gun, and was it a put-up job [set-up].

Mark was shot in 2011 by police after the taxi he was a passenger of was followed by police who believed that he was armed.

In January Kevin Hutchinson-Foster was convicted for supplying Mark Duggan with a gun as shortly as 15 minutes before he was pursued by police and shot dead.

Since, there have been a number of inconsistencies with the reports that police made regarding the shooting and the reasons for it, and some of the officers who are due to make statements at the inquest have asked to remain anonymous.

Their request of anonymity will mean that the planned streaming of the case will be jeopardised and the public may miss out key details of the case. The Duggan family lawyer stated that this sends out the wrong message and isn’t good for the public’s faith in the police force.

The inquest is set to begin on 16 September this year.