Laura WhitmoreThis week saw the relaunching of Aqua by Aqua which is now known as AQ/AQ. The brand which was actually born in 1999 has gone through transformations over the last decade. From 20 June Aqua by Aqua was officially known as AQ/AQ.So what happened?

To celebrate the new name AQ/AQ threw an uber-cool bash with Irish-born DJ Laura Whitmore hitting the decks with a selection of suitable tracks to set us in the right mood to buy into the new brand.

As I pulled up to Carnaby Street clutching my exclusive launch party invite, I was pleasantly surprised to see masses of people and celebrities out  to support the VIP relaunch party of Aqua by Aqua.

The relaunch of the brand was held at their womenswear store off Carnaby Street which served only right as this was their flagship store.

I was met by an employee at the door who directed me around the store. As I looked around, I could not help but notice the resemblance of the colour scheme that was very much evident in previous collections.


So, how far had they really transformed as a brand?

As I walked around further I begin to notice more  fresh, bold futuristic designs that captivated my eyes. In particular a retro-looking Divine jumpsuit which I think could easily be worn 15 years from now.

There were several party pieces and statement accessories which AQ/AQ (might take a while to digest) is notoriously known for. With several brands launching at the moment AQ/AQ may face stiff competition.

I happened to bumped into Managing Director Julie Langard who stated:

We are just going through a transition at the moment with our style of clothing representing a fresh, bold futuristic style we wanted the name to resemble that, it’s exciting!

Julie-Langard (M.D)

Julie Langard

When asked whether a revamp of the menswear line was on the horizon, she winked and said “very soon”; so I take that as a yes and will definitely look out for that in the future.


Of course, no self-respecting brand launch would be complete without the obligatory goodie-bag (I mean, nobody really believes people are there for anything else, do they? Hic!) and AQ/AQ stuffed theirs with their trademark statement gold Aqua ring and a printed t-shirt.


See all the celebrities that were in attendance:

If the new rebrand and new lines are anything to go by we feel there’s a very positive future for AQ/AQ and wish them every success in the future.