funny tummy girlfriend letitia hector

I do love a good couple. Especially when they’re attractive, talented and successful.

And the latest couple on Pappzd’s radar is talented artist Funny Tummy and Venus vs Mars actress Letitia Hector.

The pair have been uploading snaps of themselves on their respective Instagrams, and have also shown their support for one another’s projects. How sweet.

funny tummy girlfriend letitia hector venus vs mars

Letitia has been filming scenes for the second season of Venus vs Mars, which we’re really looking forward to by the way.

In the meantime Funny Tummy, real name Shawn Earl Lee, promotes his popular pieces of artwork, which can be purchased online if you’ve got a couple of grand of disposable income. You know, just sitting there.

So what’s next for the pair? A Mona Lisa-style photo of Letitiah? Or a guest appearance in the web series for Shawn?

Who knows? But while we wait, we’ll just keep ourselves entertained by making up a name for them.



This could take a while.