The Daily Mail are reporting that 70 of the Olympic athletes who fled during the summer games are still residing in Britain, with half of them being granted refugee status.

The rest of them are still fighting the right to remain in the country, and a number of runaway athletes have gone into hiding since their visas ran out seven months ago.

After the Olympics, it was reported that athletes from countries including the Ivory Coast, Sudan and Cameroon failed to return back to their homes once the games were over; and it is believed that the majority of the athletes who escaped during the 2012 Olympics are from Africa.

70,000 Olympic Games visas were handed out last summer to coaches, athletes and officials, with the Home Office claiming that the ‘majority’ of those visa holders had returned within their visas.

That’s code for ‘we hope they went back, but we’re not quite sure’.

The Home Office are apparently on the hunt for a number of athletes who remain in the country illegally, whilst the Met Police has admitted that four African athletes have gone missing in Newham, east London. The Olympians have been named as 20-year-old Aisatta Toure from Guinea, 25-year-old Drusille Ngako Tchimi from Cameroon, 29-year-old Congo native Mandembo Kebika Cedric, and Yves Olivier Adje, a 30-year-old wrestling coach from Ivory Coast.

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Rock said of the missing athletes:

We’re working with the UK Border Agency to find them, but I think we can assume they have simply wandered off to make a better life for themselves in this country.

I have a feeling these Olympians have no plans to compete in the next summer event – or ever again – because if they get found, it’ll be game over.