Speaking at Afrobeat Sundays at the Indigo2 this weekend, Ghanaian afrobeats artist explained why he had rerecorded his single The Thing, two years after it first started making waves on the music scene.

With the lyric change of “small girl, you don’t know the ting” to “rude girl, you don’t know the ting” Atumpan claimed that the song – which has recently been picked up by Ministry of Sound – was just “spiced up”.

I didn’t rerecord it, I only spiced it up.

It’s like cooking food and putting it in the fridge, after some few days you say, let me add a few bit of tomatoes, let me add this… Basically I just spiced it up.

He then went on to say that despite changing the lyrics, the meaning behind the words had not been changed.

It’s the same thing, all that I’m trying to do is let people who never heard of the song two years ago get the chance to hear it.

Or maybe the claim that a you’d teach a “small girl” the thing didn’t run with the major record labels.

The Thing will be officially released on 25 August.