Clearly unable to keep up with Rihanna, Cara has taken the wise decision to stay in her lane.

She was quick to scurry back to RiRi’s understudy with her tail between her legs and Rita was more than willing to oblige, with both resuming their usual irritating Twitter PDA.

This will come as welcome news to ‘Rira’ stans, after Cara and Rita’s well documented spat at Glastonbury threatened an end to possibly the best looking best friends in Britain.

It all allegedly started with a messy performance at a DKNY Fashion party, then a no-show from Cara at Rita’s Wireless performance and culminated in separate Winnebago stays at Glastonbury.

But perhaps Rita shouldn’t get too comfortable just yet, as Cara is quite clearly vying for the affections of a certain Bajan bad gyal. She took to Twitter to thank her boo for keeping her arse warm and danced awkwardly in her shadow.

Lipstick lesbianism clearly doesn’t get old for these lot.


Looks like Cara is just collecting ratchet Ruby Woo-wearing sidekicks. Next stop: Miley Cyrus.