Having made a musical comeback and releasing new material himself with single Songs Like These, it seems that Kensal Rise rapper Bashy is also in the mood to celebrate new music from none other than the Jigga man.

With Magna Carta Holy Grail having just been released in America, many fans over here have already managed to have a listen.

Posting a throwback snap of Jay Z and himself backstage at Madison Gardens, Bashy shared a humbling story of how he became starstruck when meeting one of his idols at a gig with the caption:

#TBT Just listened to M|C|H|G so thought it was only right. Back stage at Madison Square Garden. I’m not even gonna front like me and Jay-Z was hanging out…He watched us perform, he was about to bounce then I just looked at him, I was shook to ask but “I wanna picture” must have been written on my face cos he kinda chuckled and said “wanna picture…?” I was like “YESS!” then we took it, I had a look and he said “You goddit?” I said “yessir”, he said “Aight then…” then he bounced…proper cool. I just come from lil London, on my grind independently but from I’m bumping into man like that, I’m on the right path. Stay humble & keep grinding…The universe will bless you. I’ll buck Jay-Z again on a proper ting next time, I’m sure of it.

We hope he gets to meet Hov again too – that would be one hell of a collaboration!