Brand: Ciaté

Product: Caviar Manicure

Price: £18

The Ciaté Caviar Manicure launched three limited edition spring colours of their manicure set for 2013 in the colours Cotton Candy, Tutty Frutti and Lemon Fizz. All of them come in cute springtime perfect for the new seasons.

You apply the mini coloured ‘Caviar’ over any nail polish of your choice; it’s pretty easy, you just pour the beads onto wet varnish! It gives a unique 3D manicure which looks like it’s been done professionally, and according to the packaging, the kit can be used up to 30 times – I’ve only used it once though.

Luckily it is also easy to remove as the ‘Caviar’ beads are just sitting on top of your varnish so they wipe away easily when you’ve had enough of them.

The price tag is pretty high for £18 but the result that it gives looks good and it lasted me a good few days before the beads started to drop off… so it’s worth it. I can use it again and again.

Verdict: 9/10