Big Brother contestant Daley Ojuederie reportedly has plans to release an autobiography called Shadow and Glass in which he will “tell all”.

Refusing to accept the fate of most BB contestants who eventually fade back into obscurity, Daley will apparently talk about his sex secrets from the reality show as well as revealing all about Tulisa – who he was friends with for more than 10 years and threatened to talk about before he entered the house.

Using his controversial platform as the housemate who was outed for being aggressive towards a female contestant, Daley hopes to pen his troubled upbringing as well as his experiences growing up in Camden with the N-Dubz lot.

Talking to the Daily Star, the 28-year-old boxer stated:

There’s a book in the pipeline about my life. Everyone will soon know every single detail.

The book will be about my whole life. I’m a fighter and I haven’t hidden away.

After Big Brother, you have to come out swinging.

Yeah… But… Once Big Brother ends, will anyone even care what Daley has to say? Does anyone even care now?

There is no release date set for the boxer’s book, if any publishers are interested in it or if he’s even started writing it yet. But in case anyone is looking forward to reading it, you will probably be able to pick it up from a Poundland near you soon after its release.