Channel U star turned Woolwich attack witness turned Guardian columnist (well, that escalated quickly!) Boya Dee thinks we all need to back off Miley Cyrus’ back off.

Everybody’s favourite ‘white girl gone wild’ has been receiving a lot of flack in recent weeks, (as well as a lot of admiration, with Jigga man himself  shouting her booty popping ability out on his track ‘Somewhereinamerica’ ) for her new look, sound and generally new everything.

Her Hannah Montanna With A Grill routine has received mixed reviews, with many seeing her sudden taking to all things ratchet as no more than modern day minstrelsy and a deep-seated misunderstanding of what being ‘black’ really is.

But not our Boya Dee, who thinks the world could do with yet another Rihanna, since two blonde haired, red lipped pseduo-singers are clearly not enough, in the form of Rih and Rita Ora.

Boya took to his Guardian column to defend the Disney dropout, stating:

She’s gone from Disney teenybopper to a twerking (shaking your ass in a vigorously sexual manner) tight-fitted-jean-wearing-half-naked-for-majority-of-her-video pop star singing on hip-hop induced instrumentals and it is garnering the desired attention.

Also, Miley is no stranger to hip-hop culture – she rolls deep with rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Juicy J and Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator – and she’s known to be quite partial to the old cannabis plant. So she surrounds herself in the culture and then produces music of the same ilk – a natural chain of events, no?

Understandable, but nobody can be fond of seeing what they believe to be their culture toted around as an accessory only to be dropped when something more likely to piss off daddy comes round the corner.

Not all are offended by this brand new ‘I’m-So-High School Musical’ angle, but  Miley has actually gone on record to say that the girls, gold and grills are what she interprets as ‘black’. Surely that’s problematic?


If she had said she wanted to be the white Trinidad James or ‘to make LHHATL look as classy as possible’, this wouldn’t be a problem. But if this is what Miley Cyrus thinks being black is really about, she needs to put the knuckle dusters down, lower her joint and slowly back away from Gucci Mane as soon as possible.

She is confused; she’s not acting black, she’s acting like a hoodrat. And for her sake, I hope she knows there is a distinct difference. For me, its not even her hot mess of a video to We Can’t Stop that remains an issue. Its her ‘Like, this is what black people do, like, right?’ type accompanying comments.

She seems like a good kid and can twerk better than most, but I reckon she should do us all favour and stick to what she does best. In other words, less of the booty acrobatics, more of the blonde wig and ‘best of both worlds-ing’.

But what do you think? Should we leave Miley in peace? Is this how you interpret black culture too? Do you just want her to teach you how to twerk? Is Boya Dee just trying to hit? Let us know!