Sham marriage plot Abiola and Pinheiro-Fernandes

A Nigerian man and Portuguese woman have been sentenced to jail after their wedding was exposed as a sham when the unprepared bride couldn’t remember the groom’s name.

The ceremony between Nigerian-born Jayeola Abiola, 27, and Vania Pinheiro-Fernandes, 29, was cut short by the registrar after they became suspicious when Fernandes failed to answer simple questions about her so-called future husband. The registrar then alerted the immigration services.

Abiola’s student visa ended in January of this year, after he graduated from Hull University, so he paid Fernandes £5000 to marry him so he could continue staying in the country.

Prosecutor David Bradshaw told the court:

Because the defendant Abiola knew his visa was to expire, he wished to continue staying in this country and he arranged to raise the sum of £5,000 and to use that money for an arrangement called a sham marriage.

Had it happened in the normal way of things, he would have been able to stay in the UK.

Hernandes was also given the passport of Abiola’s fake wife, and told to pretend that she was the woman shown in the photograph, so that she could register under a false name.

Abiola has been sentenced to 12 months in jail whilst Fernandes received eight months.

Haaa! I just wish I could be a fly on the wall to see the groom’s face when she was flopping his life.

Come on. If you’re going get “married” at least learn each other’s names.