Oh dear. It appears as though It-kids Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora are feuding already!

The PDA enthusiastic lipstick lesbians have halted the breaks on their well documented BFF-ship, after falling out at a DKNY Fashion party over a month ago.

It all apparently boils down to their wince-worthy performance there that saw Cara snatch the mic from 22-year-old Rita and screech sing into it, steal her cap and dagger her from behind!

Although Cara seemed to be having a blast, the pair have not been seen together since that night; which is odd considering their usual pseudo-Siamese twin status. There have been no more Insta uploads, no more Twitter declarations of love and Cara didn’t even show up at Wireless where Rita was supporting Jay Z!



Instead, 20-year-old Cara decided to rent a yacht to Monte Carlo with Rita’s arch nemesis and evil twin Rihanna, making a not very surprising upgrade for the real McCoy.

Double ouch.

And although they stayed just metres away from each other in VIP Winnebago’s at Glastonbury, they partied separately all weekend. Rita even took to Twitter to finalise the divorce, declaring designer Stella McCartney her “new wife”.

Holy trinity OUCH.

A source claimed:

There’s a lot of hurt on both sides but Rita’s been working towards her singing career and carefully crafting her image for four years and it was all in danger of being a joke after that shabby performance. Rita’s been advised to distance herself from the model.

Perhaps a break from the constant ‘Wifey’ uploads could do us all some good. That was getting real old, real fast.