Cher Lloyd has been busy making a name for herself whilst being in America with a string of hits, modelling contracts and TV appearances.

And now the 19-year-old singer has teamed up with Ne-Yo on a unique collaboration created for the launch of Fruttare Fruit Bars, a new snack.


Get that endorsement money girl!


Cher and Ne-Yo gave fans an opportunity to contribute to the song by submitting what “it’s all good” meant to them on Twitter, and then they chose the best material to be featured in the track.

Speaking to, Cher expressed her excitement about the track:

This particular collaboration is just very exciting because we actually get time to go in the studio together and do it… It’s not always that you get to do that.


As expected, the song required the two artists to be in constant contact with each other as they had to look through the fans’ ideas for the Fruttare bars campaign and then write the song as a team.


She also didn’t shy away from admitting how nervous she felt the first time she met Ne-Yo. Talking to Yahoo!, Cher said:

When I met Ne-Yo, I was very nervous. And he just made me very calm. He was really nice. And I think sometimes that shocks you and pulls you back a little bit.

Regardless of what some may say about the It’s All Good, this is admittedly an exciting and innovative way to write a song in today’s digital era. It also gives the fans an interesting platform to communicate with the singers creatively.

Cher Lloyd is in Los Angeles currently working on her second album.