Cher Lloyd has shown she has more in common with her X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole than remarkably similar faces and a grudge with Louis Walsh; they are both lovers of tattoos!

The 19-year-old has caught up with, if not surpassed Chezza, gracing the cover of Inked magazine wearing a  massive collection of tatts and not much else. She spoke of her love of body art in August’s issue, saying:

I was actually at school and had a lunch break so my mom [sic] took me to get a tattoo at a local artist’s house and then I went straight back. At the time I still hadn’t been on [X Factor] and the tattoo artist said to me that people wouldn’t employ me because I had a tattoo on my hand.

She certainly went on to prove him wrong. It almost seems that as her tattoo collection grows so do her successes, being honoured at the Music Biz Awards in California last Thursday.


She currently estimates 20 tatts, including  a Dia de Los Muertos skull, the lyrics to You Are My Sunshine, butterflies and a bow on one of her fingers.

Cher is currently recording her second album,  which she described to the magazine as ‘a risk’. Maybe she could do with one more tatt for luck