giggs and wacka flocka flame

Wacka Flocka Flame and his beautiful dreadlocks have been floating around London for a while now.

And even though I haven’t been close enough to grab onto his hair yet, grime star Giggs was blessed with the opportunity to rub shoulders with the US star and posted a picture on his Instagram page.

Wacka, born Juaquin Malphurs, also uploaded photos onto the social networking site of cool things to do when one’s in London, like drinking Ribena and doing drive-bys on bikes.

Wacka Flocka Flame has been traveling all around London and his meeting with Giggs has got us hoping that a collaboration will be on its way. Imagine what that would sound like? In fact imagine what the dance floor will look like when that track is played in a club? Mayhem.

Wacka Flocka performed at XOYO on July 13 as well as Wireless Festival the day before. And even though he left the capital for Italy on 24 July, his trip was full of drama.

Ahh so that explains those saucy texts I got from you…