Young love, eh? One minute ‘Dazel’ are sharing their first obligatory ‘under the duvet’ Big Brother snog, the next minute Daley has his hands around her neck and is promising to ‘nut her one’.

Wait, what?

Yes, in a pillow fight gone seriously gone, viewers were left wondering yesterday if they what they were watching was merely the beginnings of a saucy roleplay or something a lot more serious. Big Brother wasn’t prepared to take the risk and find out, calling Daley into the Diary Room once the interaction had become uncomfortable to watch.


He had grabbed the 24-year-old Irish beauty by her throat and whispered “I’ll finish you” before Big Brother intervened. He had also told her to “have some respect for your fucking elders or I’ll nut you one.”

When called to the Diary Room, Daley was clearly surprised that his actions has been interpreted in such a way asking Big Brother if he had intended to be aggressive to his new beau, “How come we were cuddling after it happened?”


A clearly shaken Hazel certainly didn’t take his laid back stance on the incident and made it clear she had felt intimidated, saying;

Maybe he’s an aggressive man – I don’t know where it went from being friendly banter to that. I felt threatened – him being the only male presence.


The fray had started when Hazel had hit and slapped Daley during a pillow fight before stealing his duvet, leading to a abrupt change in his demeanour. When told of Hazel’s reaction to what he had apparently believed to be mutual playfulness he said:

Hazel is the most devious person and liar as well. I’m very offended. She’s disrespected me.

Hazel wasn’t totally given the clear however, receiving a formal warning for her behaviour. Looks like Daley learnt the hard way about playing with fire.

However, many have taken the view that Hazel should have been ousted too. After all, she did pull down Daley’s boxers, and I’m sure we can all agree that if Daley had done the same he’d have been straight out. Whilst his ejection seems fair, is it fair that Hazel has been allowed to stay? Many of you don’t think so:



Was it unfair that only Daley got punished? Or did he take it too far?

Leave your comments on the views below!