Flava TV presenter Donatella has claimed that since she was caught allegedly sexting Helen Flanagan’s beau Scott Sinclair, the Corrie star has been stalking her via Twitter.

29-year-old Donatella has claimed that in the past few weeks, every time she tweets about something, Helen goes ahead and tweets about the exact same thing shortly after.

That’s soooo creepy, what a stalker.

According to Donatella, when she tweeted about going to Wireless festival this weekend, Helen shortly after tweeted, “Who’s going to Wireless think I might show my face”. And when she showed off her new manicure on Twitter, guess what? Helen did too. Donatella also announced her arrival to London on Twitter and soon after? Yup. Helen tweeted, “Hello London”.

Helen also seemed to be mocking the Flava TV presenter’s nickname Peach, by uploading a picture of herself biting into a peach.


Donatella told the Sun:

Helen seems to be targeting me in a series of tweets which have left me very uncomfortable.

This whole thing is just getting weird and ridiculous. It’s like I’m being stalked or something.

I am sorry what she has been through with her boyfriend cheating on her by wanting me for sex, but that has got nothing to do with me. I never gave Scott what he wanted. I wish Helen well.

Also, Helen has recently dyed her hair dark brown… to look more like Donatella who also has dark brown hair?


Try blocking her?!

Sounds like a real life case of Single White Female. Or maybe just a case of coincidences.