Doreen Lawrence

Doreen Lawrence is set to face the Home Affairs Select Committee amid claims her family were victims of a police smear campaign. The mother of the murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence will face MP’s tomorrow, with her lawyer Imran Khan.

A public enquiry was called for by Doreen after former MET officer Peter Francis stated he had previously posed as a anti-racisim campaigner following the murder of her son. Mr Francis, who has worked with Scotland Yard’s former Special Demonstration Squad (SDS), has spoken out about the tactics used by the secretive unit during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Two inquiries are currently taking place in order to shed some much-needed light on these claims.

There are also investigations taking place regarding the activities of undercover officers as well as one looking  into alleged corruption in the original murder investigation. This will be led by Mark Ellison QC, who will also appear before the committee tomorrow. Mrs Lawrence stated the revelations had made her ‘sick to her stomach’.

We hope these investigations will help provide the answers the Lawrence family and the country have been waiting for.