Choice FM presenter and popular comedian Eddie Kadi will be hosting Urban’s Got Talent, a variety show which will showcase the UK’s most respected and emerging artists, allowing them to demonstrate their wealth of talent to the masses and reach wider audiences.

The event will take place Sunday 17 August and will be hosted by the comedian and presenter, bringing the entertainment factor that is displayed on Britain’s Got Talent, X Factor and Sky 1’s Got to Dance to an audience of over two thousand guests.

With over fifteen years of professional experience in the promotion and events industry, Dizzle Workz and Show Love have paired up to collaborate on the extravaganza which aims to develop a brand which will be cultivated over years to come.

Urban’s Got Talent will display the best in UK urban talent with an extended list in areas within the urban entertainment industry including singing, dancing, poetry, comedy and others.

Regarding the event, co-founder Dizzle Workz said:

The UK has the perfect breeding ground for emerging talent and Show Love and myself wanted to create a platform where various artists could showcase not only raw talent but, fill a gap in the market where artists could perform within an urban context together.

Confirmed artists so far for the night include Bushkin (Heartless Crew), Rough Copy, Antics, Axel, A. Dot and Kane Brown as well as others and the event will be held at Troxy. Tickets and more information are available on the official website.