Ex Manchester City youth footballer Courtney Meppen-Walter who was jailed for killing two people, was released from prison yesterday ‘by accident’.

Courtney was jailed for causing death by careless driving after hitting a Nissan Micra which contained victims Kulwant Singh, 32, and his sister Ravel Kaur, 37, while driving in Manchester at nearly double the 30mph speed limit.

After the fatal accident in September, the footballer was jailed for 16 months, but was released yesterday after serving just 4 months of that sentence.

The Greater Manchester Police were informed of the mistake and the 18-year-old ex footballer is now back inside.

What I want to know is, how do you let someone out of prison by accident? In my opinion he’s serving a sentence that is wayyy too short as it is, considering he caused the death of two innocent people because he felt like messing around behind the wheel. So, to then release him accidentally, is unacceptable.

Makes me wonder if this sort of thing happens often, but we just don’t hear about it because the people aren’t as high profile as a football player. They need to sort it out!