A festival goer, who claimed to witness the double stabbing at this year’s Wireless Festival, has given an eyewitness account of the incident on Twitter. The user, who goes by the name Addi_Official, told his followers how the incident occurred, calling the attack savage. wireless stabbing eyewitness Scotland Yard have confirmed that a fight broke out after an argument between the two victims and a group of about 10 men near the front of the crowd. Medics at the festival were forced to push their way through the crowd to reach the victims.

A festival worker told the Evening Standard:

A massive area in front of the main stage was cordoned off and police were looking for clues.  The festival clear-up could not start until 4am. We were told not to go anywhere near the stage to clean up because a crime investigation was being launched.

According to staff, an emergency radio message was sent out to all security at the site to seal off the main stage so that police could search for evidence. The call came at the end of the performance by the headline act.

Another eyewitness, 18-year-old David from Luton told us:

They looked mid twenties, black local lads from London. JT and Jay-Z looked like they saw all the movement in the crowd but it unaffected [sic] their performance.

My first view of it was lots of pushing and people falling to the ground everywhere, the music was too loud to hear any arguments.

A big circle formed to the front-right of the stage and six or seven big black Londoners stormed off behind us through the crowd. Security at the front was lifting people out of the crowd, injured and unharmed members.

Security was solid, very quick response.

Nothing could be done about it, people always find ways of sneaking in weapons. All in all, the concert wasn’t affected but a few nasty characters came bursting through the crowd in the aftermath of the attack.

The fight is not believed to be gang related and one of the victims has been discharged from hospital while the other is said to be in a serious but stable condition.